September 11, 2015 Brien Straw

A Mess In Texas







SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

From the takeover of Wrigley Field last Friday to the invasion of South Bend you can’t help but be impressed by the commitment of the Longhorn fan base. My assumption would be there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 - 30,000 UT fans in the shadow of “Touchdown Jesus” for a season opening 38-3 beatdown by Notre Dame.

There are many college football pundits that say the UT nation is incredibly impatient and place too much pressure on coaches in Austin. Unless the handful of influential boosters have a significantly different mindset than the burnt orange fans that filled Notre Dame stadium, or have called or texted my show[s] in the five years I’ve been here in Houston, the pundits couldn’t be more wrong.

A coach in WAY over his head is why Texas was embarrassed in its third consecutive game, but an overinflated sense of success among the fan base is why he’s running the Longhorn football team.

Charlie Strong will not make UT a national title contender, it’s as simple as that. Following the loss to Notre Dame, Strong essentially changed his offensive philosophy for the third time in 14 games when he demoted co-offensive coordinators Shawn Watson and Joe Wickline for Jay Norvell. 

Congrats Longhorn fans the offensive problems should now be solved. Norvell was hired as wide receivers coach at UT this year after being fired as co-offensive coordinator at Oklahoma. That’s right, your new OC is essentially an old mattress left at the curb by your biggest[?] rival. Problem not solved. 

On a side note; Wickline whom Strong probably befriended when both coached under Billy Brewer at Ole Miss has never been more than an O-Line coach - sans one season as head coach at SW Mississippi Community College until Charlie applied the “Peter principal." Brewer was such an offensive savant that he installed a trap-option offense while trying to convince Peyton Manning to follow in father’s footsteps. For some odd reason Peyton chose the pro style offense David Cutcliffe was running as OC at Tennessee instead of the school he passionately followed growing up.

Perhaps the only thing worse than the Texas offense in the “Charlie Strong era” has been the recruiting. Allegedly, Strong thinks Texas kids are soft. He also has the elite recruiters in the SEC shaking their heads because UT is going after kids they have evaluated as not worthy of an offer.

So why was the consensus among the Longhorn fans that stayed to the bitter end in South Bend that Strong just needs some more time? A combustible mix of arrogance and ignorance - right 12th man? Texas IS one of the few premier programs in college football in every sense but on the field success.

Texas is tied with North Carolina for 54th in winning pct. since Colt McCoy went down with a shoulder injury in the BCS Title game. Under Mack Brown Texas was 4th in Division I winning percentage at 77%, which probably explains his “Not my fault” claims and provides further evidence that reality and perspective are sorely lacking on the 40 acres.

Texas went 35 years between national titles without “Top 10” program success between Royal and Brown. Eight different schools won multiple titles since Royal left, and those hated Sooners have more than doubled UT's Big 12 titles.

If I had an oil well for every UT fan that’s told me they were glad they didn’t get Nick Saban as head coach I’d have T Boone Pickens money. Coaching matters Texas, it’s time you pretend you understand that.

The Longhorn nation talks as if they were an elite program, when are they going to start acting like one?