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Deflategate - How To Enrage Your Patriot Friends

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 Did ESPN's Mark Jones go "Brent Musburger" During the Egg Bowl?


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PODCAST 5/25/16

  • NBA Playoffs - Why OKC is crushing Golden State
  • NFL - YOUR issue as an NFL fan exposed this week

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Are they or aren't they? Shortly after Ian Rapaport of the NFL Network tweeted that the Texans and Browns were interested in San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick if the 49ers were not, The Chronicle's John McClain shot down the idea.

How likely it is that San Francisco actually tries to trade Kaepernick is anyone's guess. Just last week new head coach Chip Kelly said, “It’s never been a question [keeping Kaepernick]. I’m excited to work with Colin.” About six hours later reports surfaced that Kaepernick’s agents requested permission to seek a trade.

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